Work with me

  • building connection and resolving challenges through play
  • working with parents who are welcoming a new sibling
  • getting creative with multiple children, tackling sibling rivalry
  • helping parents who struggle with kids’ aggressive behaviour
  • supporting new parents gain perspective on their baby’s crying
  • supporting parents to support their children while releasing tensions, anger, frustration
  • navigating separation anxiety and school struggles
  • facing the sleep challenges (at bedtime, sleeping through the night or transitioning children from co-sleeping to their own room)
  • responding well to children’s tantrums and off-track signals in ways that build close family relationships
  • setting limits warmly, lovingly and firmly
  • offering ideas for how to tackle the ‘hot buttons’ playfully
  • supporting parents to incorporate self-care in the parent-child relationship
  • want to understand how children’s emotions work (3-week course)
  • want to help their children with aggressive behaviour (3-week course)
  • struggle with bedtime and sleep (3-week course)
  • are supporting their children through separation anxiety (3-week course)
  • raise pre-teens (3-week course)
  • intend to build a listening partnership and want to learn more (3-week course)
  • want to gain deeper understanding of how we can parent so that we build closer relationships based on respect and connection, raise emotionally aware and resilient children, and build support for ourselves and heal past hurts (6-week course)
  • You want to embrace a parenting perspective based on connection but you don’t know where to start or could use a bit of guidance to get you started
  • Information overload has left you feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • You could use one-to-one support to tackle a specific challenge or situation
  • You could benefit from being supported and have your parenting questions answered
  • Initial 20-minutes consultation is FREE, following consultations are 60 minute each

Parents' Testimonials

"Raluca clearly is very knowledgeable about the Hand in Hand Parenting approach and is a great communicator. I would thoroughly recommend Raluca to any parent looking to learn more about Hand in Hand Parenting tools or who’s just looking for a warm, supportive listener."
Amy Shields, Edinburgh
mum of two
"I liked the way you explained what goes on in their little developing brains in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. I also found so much value in the way you shared how you handle practical day-to-day situations with your little ones. Thank you so much, Raluca!"
Madeline, West Sussex
mum of one